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ECG-505 carmellose calcium is a chemical modified cellulose containing a chelate structure of calcium that creates a water insoluble and hydration.
ECG-505 is effective in the disintegration and dissolution of drugs.
ECG-505 rapidly absorbs water needed for swelling and causes to a good short disintegration time.
Though ECG-505 is still insoluble in water, yet it shows hydrophilic prorerty.Swelling property of ECG-505 make it dispersible to primary particles from tablet state, which is very effective to promorte the solubility of drugs and thereby contribute to the bioavailability.
ECG-505 was listed in USP-XXI, US-NF XVI and EP and moreover was chosen International Harmonization Monographs.
ECG-505 offers the high utility values due to the following properties.

Assurrance of high quality.
Good water uptake and rapid swelling properties.
Function in both wet granulation and direct comporession.
Rapid disintegration time.
Good release and dissolution of drugs.
High compressibility
High long-term stability

The chemical structure formula of ECG-505 is shown in the following figure.


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