President Yukihiro Nakayama
Other titles
* Deputy-Chairman, Sectional Committee of Industry, Chiyoda Branch Office of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
* Director, Convention of Economy of Chiyoda Ward
* Adviser, Social Welfare Council of Chiyoda Ward
* Director, Gathering for Friendly Discussion on Police Business in Kanda
* Managing Director, Gathering for Friendly Discussion on Fire Business in Kanda
* Supervisor, Gathering for Collaboration to prevent Crime in Buildings in Kanda district
* Founding Board Member, Japan Pharmaceutical Excipients Council
* Former HQ Instructor, ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation
* Founder, Tokyo-Chiyoda Branch of the ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation
* First Class Examination Board Member, ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation
* First Class Referee, ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation
* General Director, Dokkyo University Branch,ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation
* General Adviser, Dokkyo Kenwakai Branch, ShorinjiKempo Federation Foundation

Personal Profiles
*President Yukihiro Nakayama has given donations to less fortunate people every year and contributed to welfare of society. As his contribution for long years was highly evaluated, both Gotoku Chemical itself and Nakayama himself have been granted awards by the Social Welfare Council of Chiyoda Ward.

*In “Nippon Budokan Almanac 1st version” compiled by Nippon Budokan and issued by Kodansha Publishing, Yukihiro Nakayama was listed as the 7th grade
( exceedingly high grade )despite his remarkable youth, that is, only 30 years old.
(September 1978)

*Yukihiro Nakayama was listed and awarded as the 1st class person of merit in “Takechi Showa Grand View No.1” issued by Nippon Budo Kennei Hozon Association.
(May 1983)

Yukihiro Nakayama is small in stature, gentle and kind, while he has an inner fortitude.

He believes coexistence and co-prosperity in essence. However, he always takes a firm stand to fight
against anti-social justice and unreasoning matters.

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